In yoga, find the harmony between the mind and mind...

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In yoga, find the harmony between the mind and mind...

Practice yoga, in yoga, to understand life

In the society, we play their part; Life is just a stack of copied calendars; fatigue, depression, helplessness, heart disease is always with us...


For every friend, give your life a little time each day to experience a yoga trip, and add a few colorful pictures to our thick calendar to make it a lively and interesting one.

It's like extending our lives, extending, and returning to the early days, which are full of colorful colors.

Travel can make the mind get a short break, no matter how busy life, in our hearts, always have to for themselves to retain a realm of transcendent.


In the days that often accompany yoga travel, feel unfettered, a sea of wide sky. Put their own body and heart as a friend, and harmony with the exhibition;

Although trapped tired, the moment of travel can make you exciting vast, air back to the intestines.


Can't change the facts, but you can change attitude,

Can't change the past, but you can change the present

Can't change others, but you can master yourself

Can't choose your looks, but you can show a smile


Happiness or not with the outside world

is your own inner choice.



The wisdom of the wise often lies in: he is good at analyzing himself, adjusting himself, and perfecting himself through many mirrors in life that can look at all the real appearances.

There is only one kind of life, never means destruction, that is: self-falling flowers, ripe fruit, germinated seeds, shelled shoots, falling leaves ...

A flower a world, drip water to see the point! Harmony between the body and the heart! Yoga gives you harmony in your body and mind, and gives your life more light.







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