Incorrect Cognition in Yoga Practice

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Everyone's mistakes in yoga practice are too many. Real yoga practice should start with the eight branches of yoga, and then start posture practice.Nowadays, many coaches or practitioners do harm to physical structure and exercise knowledge, which has nothing to do with exercise itself 


Breathing error, did not achieve inhale forced exhalation force, unconsciously hold breath;

    Knock legs and bounce legs, daily life to do this is undoubtedly very healthy, but most of the yoga stretching and strength asana done, joints are in a relaxed state, at this time there are a large number of external forces to add, easy to promote joint bone dislocation;

Over-focus the pressure on the wrist 

    If you haven't enough experience, practice at home.


Many people think that a large number of sweating is effective practice, yoga is about nourishing qi, a large number of sweating is gas consumption, does not meet the requirements of yoga training. According to the theory of exercise physiology, when we sweat, blood decreases, heart pressure increases, panting, insufficient support, and the energy system starts a mixture of anaerobic and aerobic systems. At this time, the amount of fat burning is greatly reduced compared with the independent supply of aerobic system. Instead, the state of sweating is the best. 


   Yoga is to make us better aware of our body, cherish it, control it, and avoid hurting it. A most famous principle is "non-violence "—— premised on reaching your limits without hurting yourself.

Posture is not the most important and there is no so-called "standard ". Yoga is not a competitive sport, it is a lifelong practice. As long as you try your best, it is perfect, the most important thing is the "harvest" in the process of practice, whether today's self and yesterday's self, is different. 






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