Is it okay to eat before and after yoga?

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It is best not to eat 3 hours before practicing yoga. Many friends think that yoga, like other sports, consumes body energy, but this is actually a misunderstanding.

Yoga practice is actually a kind of exercise to replenish physical energy, more on the internal organs level. Therefore, it will increase the burden of internal organs when full.

At the same time, yoga can also clean the body, this effect is also the strongest when on an empty stomach.

Do not eat immediately after yoga practice, it is best to eat after 30-60 minutes.

Because after the exercise is completed, our taste buds will be more developed, and the vitality of the digestive system will be enhanced.

So eating at this time will make us appetite and eat more

Many friends feel that only those who do not practice well will use assistive devices, and only beginners will use assistive devices.

In fact, using assistive devices does not show that your level of yoga is poor, but makes your yoga practice deeper and more effective. For example, in the process of forward bending exercises, we can use yoga bricks to assist in the exercises, slowly find the feeling of body exertion, and then remove the bricks a little bit.

This will not only prevent physical injury, but also prevent the wrong exertion of excessive pursuit of asanas.






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