It's better to practice yoga in the good times

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It's better to practice yoga in the good times

Yoga Woman.

Standing there is the view.

Bring your own story, bow your head and become a poem.

Do not tingguo, do not pour into the pouring, pour their own heart

Yoga, meet the most beautiful of their own


Yoga, it's for everyone.

But too little to hold on to it all the time.

There's no shortcut to yoga practice.

Not by practicing two times at a time.

You can get what you want.


The essence of "get" is to pay

Only by giving time and energy.

Paid Sweat and action.

You can be what you want you to be.


When you just try, step by step

Think of yoga as a habit

It's as simple as eating and sleeping.

The body will slowly surprise you.

Of course you'll be more and more beautiful.

And end up being the envy of others.


Yoga doesn't cost you a lot of money.

But saved you money to go to the hospital.

Yoga doesn't want you to spend a lot of time.

It's about giving you time to get along with yourself.


Yoga, it's a marathon.

It doesn't belong to a certain age group.

But through the whole life.

Yoga is not about pleasing others.

Instead, pamper yourself.


In the good Times,

Rather than drill

It's better to practice yoga.

You'll find a wider world.

The world out there is vast.

And the inner world is more plentiful.


A woman's face, not beautiful is born.

But the essence is not delicate, but it is acquired.

A woman's superlative appearance.

Is to do what you like best every day.

To turn the days into poems.

It's a long time to use love.

Carve the most beautiful curves with time


Every serious yoga you

Will not be betrayed by time.

A long life

May you sweaty on the yoga mat.

Can also wear high heels chic beautiful as flowers

Do not bear youth, do not bear their own





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