Junior Yoga Style, Return to Healthy Lifestyle

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Do you spend your leisure time dominated by wireless and mobile phones? Do you have poor physical quality because of your unhealthy lifestyle? Do you want to abandon the title of mobile phone slave? Then join me in the leisure time to use yoga to relieve fatigue! Let yoga help you return to a healthy lifestyle, ensure your health every day, and return to people's health? The peak of life.


If you feel that you want to make your body feel good about fitness in your spare time, come and practice yoga shoulder support handstand with me. Let's use shoulder as body support point, and your legs need to stand upright. If you need a novice tutorial, you can let your legs stick tightly to the wall.


Of course, if you want to see the flexibility of your waist, then I recommend that you try yoga's lower dog pose to help you test your waist flexibility in your spare time, let your legs be apart as wide as your shoulders, then bend your upper body down to reach the ground with your hands straight, and see if your own arms can touch the ground. Good or bad.


In addition to the lower dog posture, you can also choose Yoga wheels in your spare time to see the flexibility of your waist. You can directly lower your waist, you can also lie flat on the ground, and then use the power of your abdomen to make your body arched. The roundness of your final body is the standard degree of judging the wheels posture.


Of course, when practicing yoga in leisure time, you can choose such difficult postures as crane and cicada to wake yourself up. Let your hands straighten, your legs curl up in the abdominal position, and then your hands support your body, which is also a good effect for the strength of our arms, but also help relieve body fatigue.


You think the crane-cicada style is too difficult, you can practice yoga with me in your spare time. You can learn the head-hand three-dimensional style, let your hand protect your head, and then talk about the weight of your body on your hands to support your body to complete the inversion. If you think your legs are not upright, you can choose to separate your legs. This will help us to correct leg shape and tighten the abdominal fat.


To relieve fatigue with Yoga 108, you must not miss the plough style in yoga, let your shoulders support, and bend your legs to the head as hard as you can until your feet can touch the ground, so that repeated practice of plough style can stretch your body to the extreme, and your body can feel the pleasure of eliminating fatigue.







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