Many yoga poses are not good, because these simple poses are not done well

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Many people always feel at a loss when they first start to learn yoga. 

They are eager to find various yoga-related practice videos on the Internet. Following the continuous concave shape of the video, after practicing for a period of time,

they find that not only does it not improve, but it causes various Discomfort, followed by various "yoga injuries". Is this really the harm caused by yoga? Of course not, this is because most people do not understand their own physical conditions, but they embarrass themselves to do difficult movements. Causes physical discomfort.

Therefore, it is not that the more complex, fancy, and more difficult the pose is, the more effective it is; on the contrary, the simpler, deeper, and more repetitive poses bring the better the practice effect.


The simpler the body in yoga, the safer it is, and the more suitable it is for people to practice. Simple yoga moves, although not as cool as difficult poses, but we make the simple poses to the extreme, is also a different kind of beauty, practicing yoga, our original intention is to get healthy, not to do difficult movements .


Today I will share with you 5 super simple basic yoga exercises suitable for beginners to practice frequently. Through these asanas, not only can we help us to correct bad postures in daily life, but also make our bodies healthier. ,improve the quality of life.

Mountain style


Mountain pose is the most basic and important pose in yoga. Many poses are introduced on the basis of mountain pose. It helps us to establish the foundation of the feet, the strength of the legs, the extension of the trunk, and the balance of left and right.

Standing on the mat with your feet slightly apart, your hands naturally hang down on both sides of the body. Stabilize the thigh muscles, adduct the abdominal muscles, move the coccyx forward slightly, and collapse the lower back, but don't bend it too much, feeling the energy passes from your feet to the top of your head. Take a few deep breaths. Feel the body stretch and relax.

Down dog


Down dog style is a common yoga posture that can stretch and strengthen the entire body.

Kneeling position, hands on the ground, eyes straight ahead, then knees slowly off the ground, legs straightened, hips tilted toward the ceiling, making the whole body inverted V shape.

Triangle stretch


The triangle pose is a wonderful standing posture that can stretch the sides of the waist, open the chest cavity, and strengthen the legs.

Exhale, spread your legs, straighten your hands, palms down, and slowly bend down to the left. Grasp your left hand on the ankle of your left foot. If you have good flexibility, you can place your palm directly on the ground. Stretch your right hand towards the ceiling, follow your right hand, keep 5-8 breaths, and repeat the exercises on the other side.



For beginners, the tree pose is an excellent standing balance pose, which allows you to focus and stay awake, and learn to balance the body with one foot while standing.

Standing in a mountain style, keeping the left leg balanced, flexing the right knee, putting the right foot on the base of the thigh, the heel is against the perineum, hands folded on the chest, and stable for a few seconds to find a sense of balance, inhale, arms straight up Overhead. Maintain five long and deep breaths.

Cat cow


It can flexibly spine and shoulder hip joint, effectively relieve spine-related low back pain, shoulder and neck pain and hip pain, etc.






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