Meditate at Any Time

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It's no harm to make a mistake when you're still trying.

Many people are cursed by perfectionism, often in the first three minutes, unable to be perfect, you think you are not good enough, and since then do not want to give yourself a chance to learn new things.

Any study will take time, and at the beginning of the stage, it's certainly not very good. 

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When we try new ways of doing things, we feel strange at first and immediately break the line. However, as long as a little patience, in fact, you can handle the nature.

The mistake is just a stepping stone. They are valuable because they teach you more.

Don't punish yourself for making mistakes. If you are willing to learn and grow from mistakes, this is a step towards self-realization.


It is recommended that you learn to sit still and meditate and listen to your inner wisdom.


This society makes meditation seem mysterious and difficult to get close to.

However, meditation is the oldest and easiest process, all you need is to go into a state of relaxation and whisper to yourself: love, peace, or anything that means anything to you.

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When a lot of people think of meditation, it is necessary to stop the operation of the mind.


In fact, we can't stop the brain at all, but we can only slow down the thought and let it flow through. Many people choose to take a pen on the cushion and write down all the negative thoughts, which are easier to disappear by writing.


Develop the habit of meditating at any time, focus on your own high energy, and connect with yourself and inner wisdom.



You can meditate in any form as long as you like. Some people can go into a state of meditation while jogging and walking. Don't feel wrong because your method is different.


Visual imagination is very important and there are many techniques available. Visual imagination can be used to create clear and positive images to enhance the positive positive effect. At the subconscious level, we need to use a milder visual imagination.


Many quite good tapes can guide visual imagination and meditation, helping people go through these sick processes in a completely open state.


Everyone can imagine visually, whether it's depicting a home or imagining how to deal with the person who hurts you, it's a visual imagination. What the mind can do is simply amazing.







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