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Non-Toxic Rubber Natural Sustainable Cork Rubber Yoga Mat

NON-TOXIC: Biodegradable and recyclable non-toxic
DUAL-SIDED: This premium yoga mat features an all-natural, sustainable cork on one side and a non-toxic, lightweight Natural Rubber on the other
EXTRA THICK YOGA MAT: 4mm thick with no-slip surface for superior cushion, support and traction
REVERSIBLE DESIGN: Features two unique textures and designs to suit any mood
DIMENSIONS: 1830 x610x 4mm / Weight : 2.7kg
  • SF-DMCM0608

  • SanFan

  • Fujian, China (Mainland)

  • Yoga & Pilate

  • 1830 x610x 4mm

Custom Logo Non-Toxic Rubber Backing, Natural Sustainable Cork Resists Germs and Odor Pilates Eco-friendly Natural Rubber Cork Yoga Mat

Our mats are designed,tested,re-engineered by top yoga instructors to ensure this is the best mat you can buy.


1. 72inx24inx 4mm all-natural cork top & natural rubber bottom yoga mat

2. Unique Body alignment system works as a navigational tool for your Yoga asana practice, laser printing 

3. 4mm thick is in the ideal combination of weight and functionality

72”L x 24”W--this is what many yogis describe as the perfect width and length for an average size yogi

4. All-natural cork top, 100% natural rubber bottom

5. High Strength Polyester Fabric Mid Layer for extra grip and tear resistance We’ve also used an innovative heat-bonding process to eliminate the need for toxic glues to bind the top and base layer,special process ensures our cork surface will never chip like the others

6. Warrior-like Grip

7. Our mats strong natural rubber base and added felt portion between the layers provides extra support, stability and cushioning. With this extra protection for your bony bits, our Yoga Mat is sure to be your best bud in a regular asana practice

8. Our Yoga Mat gives you that extra bit of space you’ve been craving! Being a few inches longer and wider than regular Yoga mats, get prepared to feel comfortable in your special practicing space. Just for you!

9. Easy-to-grip textured surface,excellent grip, slip-resistant,offers stability with heat and sweat High Density for more stable, Anti-friction,and optimally sturdy

Slightly Elasticity for suitably soft grip










【Alignment Lines】The body alignment lines help you to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position, and keep body in proper alignment.The guide lines are ingrained in the mat because of the laser printing(instead of printing with potentially harmful ink),so you don’t have to look down,just touch.No more will you have to flounder around, wondering what should go where,or guessing if you're in alignment.

【Ideal Thickness of 4mm】Our studies show that 4mm in the ideal combination of weight and functionality.An extra 1mm adds on 25% more in weight. If a mat is too thick, it can cause the mat be too heavy. But if a mat is too thin, it will not provide enough cushioning for your workouts. We feel 4mm is the ideal thickness for most workouts.72”L x 24”W--this is what many yogis describe as the perfect width and length for an average size yogi

【All-natural Cork Top】Did you know most conventional yoga mat are toxic?Please switch to cork and breathe well.Our natural organic cork yoga mats are made of 100% Eco-friendly regenerational oak tree bark,no trees were cut to make this mats,totally organic and natural, odor-free,antibiosis and ventilate.Free from latex, silicone, toxic glues, adhesives,phylathates,TPE,PVC and other harsh chemicals.Our special process ensures our cork surface will never chip like the others

【100% Natural Rubber Bottom】Made from all natural rubber.Compared to TPE,rubber has unparalleled grip whilst practicing,and more eco friendly and is the new standard for yoga mats.Cork mats have been dealt with protection against moisture before delivery from the factory.Water proof mid layer will prevent sweat absorbed by cork layer from going into innermost layer,moisture-proof











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