Practice yoga, are you still imitating?

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Practice yoga

Don't copy imitation.

Like a robot.

But to have your own initiative.

"Take the initiative"

Go practice, take breathing, and do your own body style. Improve your self-exercise, not imitate, imitate.


When the practitioner reaches the stage of autonomous practice in the movement, the practitioner can repeat and enhance the accuracy and proficiency of the action during training.

Only such a process, in order to promote the physical exercise movement accuracy of the stability and improvement, proficiency will be more valuable, such exercises have life.


"It's not necessarily for you, you have to have your own experience"

The human body needs a process of self-conditioning, dressing and achieving control when it is trained in motion, rather than directly copying the so-called giving exact body.

True precision requires the transmission of feelings to the body from conscious focus, including time training, to obtain it on its own.


Rather than giving the exact answer, this answer is obtained through the self has a good feeling only when it has, and this process just need selves to experience, but can not copy and imitate.

"Start with simple movements, find awareness of the body"

We start with a small amount of simple movements, find the body awareness, do not come up is to copy the difficult skills action, these skills of the action of the so-called precision is just the desire of the dross, the important thing is to the body's self-perception, not the body. 


Do you just imitate yoga?





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