Practice yoga, such a yoga attitude, you should have

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Practice yoga, such a yoga attitude, you should have

Yoga is not acrobatics

Extend in each pose

You can breathe in every pose.

Yoga is not acrobatics

Don't compare, everyone's in a different body.

Yoga is not a hobby

you can't be a brief period of enthusiasm

You can't wait until you have time and money.

Now, from here, please start yoga

It's a lifetime to start.

Yoga is not a diet pill

Do it for a week and not lose weight

Don't lose weight without combining a healthy diet

Can't lose weight without combining mind.

It's natural to practice yoga and slim down.

There are many details in yoga that are worth exploring

It's important to find a professional yoga studio, yoga teacher.

Don't fool yourself

The teacher gave you a dial, more than years of hard practice.

Yoga is more than just a pose

There's a deep philosophy behind it

Behind the wisdom of the Ancients.

Read Classics, meditate

Just the pose, and it doesn't bring you any more.

Yoga is not about being able to cling to results

But to experience every moment in the pose

Find the connection of the body and mind at this moment

Don't be frustrated by not being able to do a pose

Don't be frustrated by your meditation and not being focused today

It's still going to come, not in a hurry.

Yoga is not an escape from life

It's about giving you a break

Give you a moment of reflection

Integrate yoga into your life

Enjoy the life of the moment

Learn to accept what can't be changed

Learn to have the courage to change what can be changed.

Yoga is to make your life better.







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