Practicing Yoga Should Know 3 Points

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Practicing yoga

To know these 3 points

Otherwise, it is easy to go astray

1. Practicing yoga starting from accepting yourself

On the way to yoga practice, if you can accept your own strengths and weaknesses, you will practice wider and wider, and if you try to be perfect in every way, you will practice narrower and narrower.

Perfect thing is desire, good and bad thing is reality, without reality, desire is only fantasy.


2. Practicing yoga in the right direction

Yoga efforts may not succeed, sometimes because the wrong direction will deviate from the track and go further and further.

Practicing Yoga Asanas thousands of times, it is better to feel once with heart. Perception is the beacon of wisdom, which illuminates the pace of yoga and better than how many times  wandering action.


3.Practicing yoga is a joy

Practicing yoga is supposed to be a joy, but some people always practice it in misery.

The root of suffering lies in the desire of the body to pursue: for example, if you practice, you still want to practice more. If you are tired, you still want to be tired. If you practice hard, you still want to be more difficult. If you practice it, you still want to be famous.


When there is too much desire, the so-called yoga is practiced as greed; the disease is like salt water, the more salty it is, the more you drink.

When the greed of desire exceeds the rationality of human beings, the good yoga practice will become a burden of suffering and unhealthy.


In yoga practice, refinement is very important, the methods and mentality are equally important! 






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