Practicing Yoga and forgetting your body

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Yoga is not to set up a lot of asanas, it makes you uncomfortable. The ultimate goal is to make your body comfortable and stable.


What does comfortable mean? It's comfortable when you forget about your body. If you keep remembering your body, it's not comfortable. The focus is comfort, because if the body feels uncomfortable, you cannot desire deeper joy.

For anyone who wants to reach the inner ecstasy, a comfortable body is the most basic requirement.

At any time, when your posture is comfortable you will feel stable. If the posture is not right, you will be restless and change position constantly.


For example, during meditation, if your legs start to numb, your attention will come to your legs and you will not be able to focus on your meditation.

A comfortable posture for you may not be suitable for your left and right neighbors. Everyone is unique, and what is good for you may be bad for some others.


You have to find your own posture. You don't need a mentor. The comfort is your mentor. If you keep trying all the poses, one day you will meet by chance and find a pose that just fits you.

If the body is not comfortable, the heart will not be quiet. And once you find the right posture, everything within you will calm down and enter peace.





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