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SANFAN FITNESS Outdoor development Activities

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This weekend our company organized and participated in the outdoor development activities.We have gone barbecue & picnic with some new friend, it’s a wonderful time, let our share the beautiful with you.


Look, this is the beautiful place we playing,sing and playing a game of cards., Warmly sunny, green trees & glasses, clean stream, we looks like very enjoy and relax on the nature.

When the sun is setting, it’s our picnic time, can you guess what this is?

It’s very traditional Chinese dish, cooking stewed preserved meat , too many delicious foods have you eat it before?


Now, it’s our preparing workers & dinner time, can you guess what will be happened?Everyone's getting ready. Everyone has what he's going to do, and everyone has their jobs, and they help each other.We Eating and entertaining together.There's the speed of the barbecue, the drinking with the others, and so on.


Finally, we took this opportunity to give our two small partners an unforgettable birthday and ended up today's activities in the singing of their birthday  

happy birthday


Through this team building and expansion training, I think team spirit is the team members have the same goals and work together. Just like the fleet sailing in the sea, the unified command of the captain and the joint efforts of the crew, everyone plays an important role on this ship in order to make the fleet sail quickly and even exceed the set goals.


Our team wants to develop together, the team members must have effective communication and good communication environment. If they can not communicate well, it may lead to inefficient work, uncoordinated in all aspects, slow process, and even staff conflict and lack of cooperation. If the members can communicate in time and share the experiences and lessons, they will be able to receive more goods, and the team benefits will also increase significantly, and finally achieve the common growth of the team members.






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