Should we practice yoga in front of a mirror or not

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Should we practice yoga in front of a mirror or not?

First ask yourself, why do you practice yoga in a mirror?

Perhaps most students will say, you can see their posture is not correct


In fact, this look, do not necessarily need external eyes.To practice yoga is to observe and become aware of your body with your inner eyes, to feel the alignment of your body, whether your pelvis is in alignment, etc

Some things are invisible to the naked eye.For example, you don't exert enough force on the inside of your legs, your pelvic floor muscles are not activated, and for example, your mental thoughts are not visible to the naked eye.

Closing your eyes reduces external distractions

When you look with your eyes, part of your energy is actually running out of your eyes instead of coming in, and the energy is loose, the attention is not focused, and your practice is interrupted

Yoga stresses the adduction of external senses, and external senses, the most easily affected people, that is, the eyes

Yoga is about looking inward, not outward.A yoga heart, a yoga mat, enough.The other, should break shed away, the rest, is the purest





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