Slow progress in yoga practice? 24 words of truth, You need to know!

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Practice yoga style, there are still rules to follow.

- 24 words of truth for Yoga body style-

Standing: Building Foundations

Build foundation from the feet, the soleplate three points (or four points) evenly compact the ground, especially inside, most of the students leg inside strength is not enough.


Forward: Creating Space

The front bend needs to create the space of the waist, by turning the pelvis, the belly to collect, the breath to the chest cavity, so that the body folds at the same time, full of extension and expansion.


Back Bend: Open Your Heart

The rear bend is not focused on how bent the waist should be, but the opening of the chest cavity, the opening of the shoulders. Pay attention to the outer rotation of the arm and the flattening inside the shoulder blade.


Side bend: side waist equal length

It is easy to stretch one side when the side is bent, while the other side is squeezed. In fact, to find the equal elongation on both sides, which requires lumbar strength and hip expansion.


Twist: Pelvic Neutral

When twisting, start from the lumbar spine, so the lower end of the lumbar spine of the pelvis will be stable. Whether it's a sitting twist or a standing twist, keep the pelvic neutral bit.


Inverted: Confidence Support

Instability or failure is actually due to fear, which is mainly due to lack of confidence, and confidence comes from the usual self-discipline exercises.


These truths allow yoga practitioners to find more positive positions and extensions in their body exercises. When skilled, the body will naturally understand these truths.

Practice out of the true knowledge, we still have to learn from the practic.





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