Suggestions for beginners of Yoga

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Suggestions for beginners of Yoga

The real yoga practice should start with the practice of the eight branches of yoga, and then start the posture exercise. But now many coaches or practitioners do harm to body structure and sports knowledge, which has nothing to do with sports itself.


01 Insufficient Awareness

It is easy for beginners to stay in the transitional period of looking for body perception, not knowing their own body posture, not consciously understanding the state response of every muscle and bone in the body. Do wrong without knowing it, act for the sake of action, over compel oneself.

To practice correctly, we must have at least basic knowledge of modern physiology, anatomy and human body science.

Example: When bowing or squatting, always pay attention to the knee not exceeding the toe, and the toe in a vertical line, the body center of gravity between the legs.


02 Neglect Muscle Endurance

Many people only know about yoga as a soft exercise, so they only know to stretch the body, but ignore the exercise of muscle endurance, which will only cause excessive relaxation of joint ligaments and lead to bone displacement. Yoga is a combination of flexibility and strength, and it is not appropriate to emphasize any aspect.

 03 Do not know how to breathe

Yoga posture and breathing coordination is exquisite, rote to do action and breathing coordination, will cause physical discomfort and weak self-awareness, unable to understand the correct breathing friends can try to slow down the rhythm of the movement, try to slowly experience between exhale and inhale.


04 Error Cognition

Many people think that a lot of perspiration is the effective practice. Yoga is about Nourishing Qi. A lot of perspiration is exhaustion, which does not meet the requirements of yoga training. According to the theory of exercise physiology, when we sweat heavily, blood volume decreases, heart pressure increases, asthma, insufficient supply, energy system will start the anaerobic system and aerobic system to supply energy, then the amount of fat burning is much less than when the aerobic system provides energy independently. On the contrary, sweating is the best condition.


05 Slacking and not warming up

     Warming-up is the most important and important part of all sports. Not warming up before yoga and not doing joint exercises seriously lead to too tight joints to complete the posture correctly, which will eventually cause injury to the body joints.

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 06 incorrect habits

     There are too many mistakes in yoga practice for everyone:

1、Breathing errors, did not do inspiration and exhalation force, unconsciously hold breath;

2、Knock and move the legs, which is undoubtedly very healthy in daily life, but most of the stretching and strength postures in yoga are finished, and the joints are in a state of relaxation. At this time, a large number of external forces are added, which easily leads to joint bone dislocation;

3、In support posture, excessive pressure is concentrated on the wrist joint;

4、Practice at home without enough experience;

     Yoga is to make us better aware of our body, cherish it, control it and avoid harming it. One of the most famous principles is "non-violence" - based on the premise of achieving one's limits without hurting oneself.






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