Take yoga into life, what should we do?

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Yoga is a whole, it is the whole body of the mind of the settlement. The overall settlement of the body and mind makes people who are capitalized, they become the people with dignity, self-confidence, the strong inner self, the love of the world, become a person who understands the truth of the world, the responsibility for the world, not the slaves, and not the dissimilatory .

In the process of practicing yoga, we have to test ourselves from time to time. Everyone has a different state. The yoga test is to see if your body is improved, your mind is improved, the spirit is improved, and the body and mind is improved as a whole. That's the only way to go on yoga. So when we practice yoga, we understand the main points of the teacher can greatly improve the progress of learning, and the action in place is not easy to get hurt, which points are often mentioned by the teacher, but easy to be ignored, students can not do well in a few points:


Key point 1: Keep a smooth breathing

Beginners often forget to breathe and even hold their breath for reasons such as stress and strength of the body. So, for beginners, please keep reminding yourself of your breathing, especially in making yourself more challenging, and more telling you to keep breathing smoothly.


Key points 2: Stable the foundation and balanced of gravity

In the practice of yoga pose, we must keep the foundation of your body in contact with the ground stable, different poses, different center of gravity, so, in the pose exercise, we must pay attention to the stability of the foundation, pay attention to the center of gravity, do not let the center of gravity move to the outside body, let the body out of balance, causing unnecessary damage.



Key point 3: tightening the core

In yoga practice, most asana needs to tighten the core. The core is not just the abdomen, in the human body, below the diaphragm, above the pelvic floor muscle belong to the core of our body, so, not only to tighten the abdomen, but also pay more attention to the activation of other core areas outside the abdomen.


Key point 4: Spinal extension and neutral position

When doing any body, please pay attention to whether it is one of the purpose of the yoga, one of the purposes of yoga, it is to correct the incorrect posture through the practice of the yoga body, then, in the yoga practice, the extension neutral position of the spine must be maintained. And practice other actions on this premise, the wrong large-scale exercise is not as good as the correct small-amplitude exercise.


Key point 5: relax your shoulders and necks

No matter how stretched, twisted, balanced, or pre-bent, more than nine per cent of the beginners can't help to shoulder the shoulder, causing muscle tension in the vicinity of the shoulder, which is a course of relaxing the shoulder and neck, instead of a more serious shoulder-neck pain. If you have the same situation, you must read the "Relaxing the shoulder and neck" in your heart.












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