Ten General Rules for Yoga Practice

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1. The time is best early in the morning (better before 6 am). This time is called Brahma Muhurta. It is the best practice to practice.


2.The location is optional in the room. The ground is flat. It has enough space to complete the body. It is not easy to meet the things. In addition, the air flow, the light is not in the eye, there is no foreign substance to attract the distraction.

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3.It is suitable for two hours before the meal and can not be used for exercising.


4.It is better to have good elasticity and breathability of clothes, so that pores breathe easily, blood gas fluency and no hindrance.


5.No glasses, watches and ornaments.


6.The floor should be covered with cushions, and now some cushions specially designed for yoga pose are the best. Otherwise, spread a thin carpet on the floor.

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7.Don't think that only young, flexible people should practice yoga. In fact, most people can.

If you have heart disease, or some chronic diseases, you should discuss with your doctor and mentor before you start practicing.

8.When practicing every pose, pay attention to breathing cooperation,


9.Practice yoga slowly, compare yourself with your own progress, and don't compare with others. Yoga, like other spiritual practitioners, is prone to deviation as soon as it becomes a competition, and must not be careless.


10.When practicing each pose, it is absolutely important to pay attention to breathing coordination and focus on certain pressure points or wheel positions, otherwise, pose will become juggling training and lose the training elements of breath and spirit.









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