Ten yoga poses to improve posture do you know?

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Do you know? No matter how good the figure is without temperament, and the temperament is not good, most of them are destroyed in bad posture. Recommend 10 yoga poses, often practice, can improve posture.

Pose 1

1、lie on your back and open your feet

2、Put the bricks on the upper back and the back of the head

3、Completely relax. hold it for five minutes.


Pose 2:

1、Sit, bend, knees, knee forward, up and down

2、The left heel is on the outside of the right buttocks, and the right heel is on the outer side of the left buttocks.

3、Hold your hands up and down on the back.

4、Hold for 1 minute, change edge


Pose 3

1、Hold your hands on to your shoulders

2、Open your feet, the same width as the hip

3、The abdomen is closed, and the body is in a straight line

4、Hold for 1 minute


Pose 4

1、Knee knelt, align hip, lower leg back to ground

2、Bend back, head completely relaxed, hands on ankle

3Hold for 1 minute


Pose 5

1、Get down, feet are the same width as the hip, stretch the back of the foot

2、Hands on both sides of the ribs, bend your elbows back

3、Lift the chest and chin.

4、Hold for 1 minute


Pose 6

1、Feet parallel, legs straight

2、Hands behind your back, ten fingers.

3、Fold down from the hip and hold for 1 minute


Pose 7

1、Support the ground with both hands, slightly more than the shoulders and hips

2、Step on the ground with both feet, as wide as the hip

3、Abdominal adduction, ischium extending backward

4、Hold for 1 minute


Pose 8

1、Lying on your back, feet on the ground, as wide as the hip, parallel to each other

2、Inhale and lift your buttocks, hands at the bottom of your fingers

5、Hold for 1 minute


Pose 9

1、Get down, bend your knees, and scratch your ankles with your hands back.

2、Lift your heel away from your buttocks and straighten your arms

3、Lift your chest and hold it for 1 minute


Pose 10

1、Put the sacral bone on the brick

2、Keep your legs straight and perpendicular to the ground, and close them back to the hook

3、Close your eyes and keep them for 1 minute


Good figure is second, good posture, immediately give you temperament points! Some people say that after practicing yoga temperament is good, in fact, and posture has a lot to do with oh! Keep practicing and be an elegant yoga girl













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