The Charm of Yoga

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At first, you were a beginner in yoga and came to the yoga studio for the first time.


In the first month, you felt sore and itchy.

This is actually the beginning of your transformation. What you need to do is stick to it.

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In the third month, you'll have some little pride, yoga, and it's hard to imagine.

You can't help but try a difficult course and feel like an alien again.


Six months later, you suddenly find that your body shape has changed obviously, and your physique seems to have changed, and the whole person has taken on a new look.


For a year, you start to reap all kinds of praise, your friends, all kinds of envy, jealousy, hate, the other half will be a little nervous, which will greatly stimulate his initiative.

Two years from now, you'll find that everything around you is so harmonious. Your mind and pace are so peaceful that you have a better world.

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Five years later, you are more temperamental and cultured than your peers. You don't feel tired and powerless easily anymore.


Your family relationship deals with your career as well. Twenty years later, you were surprised to find out how your friends were in a shape, and that the values were not as great as their elders.

You couldn't get old with them. It's a little bit of a problem.

Fifty years later, you're still on the street, and it's elegant and easy.

The superior beauty revealed in the bones even the twenty-year-old girl will marvel in her heart.


Of course, if you're not going to start yoga, it's just a dream.


Yoga, like a mirror, is true.


Your efforts, yoga can be seen.










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