The Yoga I Pursue

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I prefer to experience the subtle processes of each pose in a relaxed body, breathing and focused consciousness, with the body and every cell in the body.


The warm heat raised inside the body will make the whole consciousness and emotional state more awake and precipitated. After such yoga practice, the whole body will not only be tired and sore, but will be full of energy.



After dredging the meridians and collaterals, the body will unwittingly become more flexible, powerful and elastic, not soft and soft, let alone the hard muscles.


This is the physical principle of the yoga, which is closer to the traditional yoga, it is not just changing the body, but also changing the state of the whole consciousness and the emotional state, and improving the spirituality of the person.


Traditional yoga pays more attention to spiritual improvement than to the perfection of body posture. Classical yoga practice holds that the body is only a tool for spiritual ascension, through the training of the body posture, so that the state of consciousness to a state of unity with nature.


All the skills in yoga are spiritual growth through the training of the body. Of course, because the body and mind are connected, the strength of the mind in turn makes the body healthier.


The modern yoga school puts the body training in the first place, just like the accuracy of western medicine, western medicine can see every cell or even the molecules in the cell, but cannot measure the movement of spiritual energy, so western medicine will be surprised at the point of traditional chinese medicine and meridian unfathomable and effective.


Yoga believes that the reincarnation of the third generation, the body's life is too short, and spirituality is not immortal, so spirituality can continue to grow through the practice of the body.


When the body is old and no longer easy to use, it is like giving up an aging car, replacing it with a beautiful and useful new car and starting again.



Therefore, real yogis will be so calm in the face of the transformation of life. The reincarnation of life is nothing more than spring and autumn, flowers bloom and fall, tide rise and fall, endless, let alone man-made change.


In fact, the best start, one is ten years ago, the other is now.






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