The advantages and disadvantages of practicing yoga

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The advantages and disadvantages of practicing yoga



1.Shaping women's perfect body shape-through yoga postures and consistent practice can make a significant difference to your body. Such as strong and handsome bosom, beautification bosom curve, prophylactic breast prolapse;To soften the waist; soften.Beautify buttock: avoid gluteal muscle flabby prolapse, beautify buttock and so on.

2.Prevention of chronic diseases- yoga stimulates the body's internal organs, It also promotes blood circulation, stretches stiff muscles and makes joints flexible.Make gland secrete balance, strengthen nerve, prevent muscle chronic disease

3.Eliminate tension and fatigue-Yoga breathing,Through conscious breathing, the body can eliminate the exhaust gas, empty fire, eliminate tension and fatigue

4.keeping one's spirit young-Complete breathing in yoga,Promote cell delay senescence, ruddy complexion.Yoga can also regulate the mood, people often in peace, joy of the state.The twisting, squeezing, stretching and pulling postures in yoga practice can unclog the whole body's meridians and qi and blood, activate the zang-fu organs, and impart the upward vitality to the life into the body, making people keep young forever.

5.Lose weight-Obese people, mostly overeating, through the practice of yoga, let you in the face of food temptation, will have a stronger control.But the effect that will reduce weight with the help of law of all sorts of yoga posture

 only is not very good, need oxygen motion (run, swim, bicycle) auxiliary ability can achieve very good result

6.Training attention-Yoga regulates the disturbed state of mind by channeling the blocked airflow in the body. When the mind becomes calm due to the agitation, depression and pressure, the attention will become more focused and the insight will become more profound.

7.Relieve psychological stress-Focus on stretching and strengthening your muscles through yoga and relaxation.When the body and mind are completely relaxed and focused on extending the limbs, tarsal emotions can be released and people have positive thoughts, gradually reaching the state of "body relaxation and mind tranquility" and "body and mind unity".The complete breathing method of yoga can strengthen the abdominal organs, control the speed of breathing, regulate the autonomic nerves, control the heart rate and ease the tension


1.Because everyone's body foundation is different, without the process of exercise, it is difficult to do it all at once.And can cause harm to the body.Difficult postures require a lot of stretching and support. For some people with insufficient muscle strength and flexibility, tendon injuries are likely to occur and the joints may become unstable

2.Too thin weak person practices bad yoga yoga itself is a movement which needs the muscle strength to carry on, for thin weak woman, the thin muscle is easy to pull.Doctors advise some women who are too thin to do yoga, preferably after some basic strength training.

3.A lot of people do not suit to practice hypertension of difficulty action, heart patient, do not suit the action such as handstand, wheel.Upside down handstand and do wheeled action, will make the blood flow back, easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, ischemia and lead to shock.Intervertebral disc protrudes person, spondylolisthesis, do not suit to worship day type, wide Angle type to wait to bend forward action.






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