The best method for cleaning yoga mats

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After a refreshing yoga class, Yogi soaks with sweet and feel happy. But the mat was wet and odour will come with time.

How do we clean our yoga mats?

Quick DIY yoga mat cleaning spray.


-60ml capacity glass spray bottle

-About 30ml clean water

-About 30ml Witch hazel lotion 


-Grapefruit and sweet orange essential oil


1.Fill the bottle with half clean water and half witch hazel toner

2.Add 3 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops each of grapefruit and sweet orange essential oil

3.After the nozzle is screwed, then shake it to mix the ingredients

4.Don't hesitate to spray onto a yoga mat before drying it with a wet towel or cloth.

5.Store the spray in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunshine

If you do not like the citrus smell, you can also use other flavor of oil blend.

Well, isn't it easy?

Let’s wash your mat now!

1.Prepare 1 large cup of warm water with a few drops of non-irritating dishwashing liquid and spray all over the mat.


2.Wipe the yoga mat with a clean wet sponge or soft cloth until no lathering foam remains.


Roll a dry towel over the mat to help absorb moisture.


3.Hang the yoga mat on the shower curtain pole and let it dry.

Yoga MATS don't need to be cleaned every day, and if they can be wiped off every week, they can help reduce odors and bacteria.Of course, as the frequency of practice increases, the cleaning of yoga mat should also keep pace with the rhythm.

Yoga mat for yoga people, is the daily necessities of life.The longer you practice yoga, the more you like to bring your own yoga mat.Because a fashionable and beautiful yoga mat that suits you will not only make you gain more likes in your circle of friends, but more importantly, ensure the continuity of your practice in the yoga studio, on the trip and at home.

So, choose the yoga mat that suits oneself, had become the homework with necessary yoga person.






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