The charm of yoga, only those who persist understand

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At first, you were a new yoga novice to the yoga hall for the first time, a little perturbed. You start your first lesson and you're breathing, and you feel like they are looking at you It doesn't matter. We' ve all changed from a different kind.

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The first month, you feel a little sore, this is the beginning of your transformation you need to do, is to insist.In the third month, you will have a little pride ,yoga that is not as difficult as you think. You can not help trying difficult courses and feeling like a different again.

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Half a year later, you suddenly find that your body has changed significantly and your physique seems to have changed The whole person is completely new.

For a year, you've begun to all kinds of of compliments to your friends, envy and hate your partner will be a little nervous, which will greatly stimulate his enterprising.

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Two years from now, you'll see a lot of good things you did n' t see before and you'll find everything around you so harmonious Your mind and pace are particularly peaceful and you have a better world.

Five years later, you're more temperamental and self-conscious than your peers, and you do n' t easily feel tired and powerless Your family relationship is fine with your career.

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Twenty years later, you suddenly realize that your friends are not as old as their elders, and that you are not getting old with them.

Fifty years later, you walk on the street, still beautiful, elegant and calm, not lose 40 years old mature charm not lose 30 years old Yan temperament. Even the twenty-year-old girl will marvel at the high beauty in her bones.

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Of course, if you're not going to start yoga, it's just a dream. Yoga is like a mirror. Your efforts, yoga can see.








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