The magical power of yoga!

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After a busy and tired day, the dust of the day settled and the exhaustion is tidied up. With the special fragrance of the essential oil entering another paradise, where the music is soft and the environment is quiet; when you put in a comfortable yoga suit, you will have your own tranquility. This is yoga.


With the beautiful and soothing music, the soft command of the yoga instructor, sit cross-legged, close your eyes, and have no distractions. Concentrate all your thoughts, start using yoga abdominal breathing, inhale fresh oxygen, exhale the exhaust gas in your body. Feeling that your daytime exhaustion is also exhaled out of the body, and you will feel a very relaxed and refreshing comfort immediately.


Those wonderful movements in the head, chest, abdomen, waist, hips, and twist all make us get a better exercise, the elegant temperament has been enhanced, thus emitting a continuous flow of self-confidence from the body.


Listening to the whispering voice of the coach. Now, our bodies begin to relax, all parts are very loose and loose...


At this moment, feeling really relaxed, the body begins to become very heavy and heavy, like a piece of mud spread on the mat, and then you will feel that the body became very light, like a soft feather, dancing in the breeze, and there will be a feeling of not knowing where it is. As if you are lying in the arms of a quiet nature, and the sound of the waves slapping the shore is faintly heard in your ear. Occasionally, one or two bird songs are heard in the forest. It seems to be lying on the rocks by the sea, the sound of the waves hitting the coast is faintly heard in the ear, and one or two seagulls can be heard from far and near, so quiet and beautiful!

If you don't hear the coach saying at this time, "You won't fall asleep. You'll stay awake and alert, because you're silent in your heart: I'm doing yoga rest..." Then you will seem to really enter a sweet dream !


At that moment, you will completely forget the tiredness of the day, the annoyance of trivial matters, and calmly enter the quiet and beautiful mysterious yoga world.



When you follow the coach carefully to complete beautiful posture exercises, you can see your beautiful posture from the mirror, and you will unconsciously generate an inexplicable self-confidence from the bottom of your heart. Maybe this is the magical power of yoga!


Thanks to yoga, it makes our heart more peaceful, tolerant and open-minded! It makes our figure look more feminine! Thanks to the yoga instructors, they make us more confident and more beautiful!






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