These 10 Features Exposed You Are a Yogi(Ⅱ)

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6. Letting go is no longer a problem: you find that letting go is no longer a problem for you. No matter what bad person, thing, or thing you meet, you can let the negative emotions "let go" with your breath, your The heart is no longer full of worry and anger.

You can live well in a high-pressure environment. No one can affect your good mood. You are tolerant of everything around you. You also accept your imperfections and treat the world with compassion.

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7. Live in the moment: You find yourself no longer over-anxious as before, no longer bothered by what happened, and no longer burned by future events that have not happened. You clearly understand that living in the "now" can determine the future, and just focusing on every minute and every moment of the present becomes more and more relaxed.

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8. Look further: You find that you can easily see their purpose through the actions of others, and your clear mind and mindfulness practice greatly enhance your insight. You no longer want to judge the right and wrong of others, but to tolerate everything that happens, you observe the world with mindfulness awareness, and your heart will not be disturbed.

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9. Full of gratitude: The heart of gratitude has become the state of your life. You do n’t need to do anything, you will feel very happy and grateful. You live in the moment and cherish everything you have now, whether it is weeds on the roadside or evening Sunset.



10. Full of tolerance: This is the most difficult quality to practice, but it is an indispensable guide on the road to yoga. You treat others with less argument and prejudice, more tolerance and understanding. Even if you meet people who are completely different from you, you will not treat them differently. You deeply understand that everything is one and everything is one.


How do you know you are on the right path to yoga? No one but you can judge. For yogis, the future is in their own hands.






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