This action is done in every yoga class. Do you really understand it?

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Yoga rest is a very powerful meditation skill and one of the most simple and persistent yoga exercises.


When you lie comfortably in Savasana, this systematic meditation will take you through Pancha Maya KOSHA: the body has five levels. Unfortunately, many people only practice yoga to the first level Let you feel the sense of unity.

Yoga rest can bring people many benefits, which is why it is essential in every class.

Anyone can do yoga rest

Difficult tandem movements and postures that need to be maintained for a long time are not necessarily suitable for everyone. However, yoga rest is an exercise that everyone (from children to the elderly) can do.

It's easy to follow at any age. All your body needs to do is lie on the floor. Even if you can't lie on the floor, you can sit there and practice.

Yoga rest is not wrong

All you have to do is follow the teacher's voice when you lie down and savasana. You may remember some parts of meditation rather than others. Every time you practice, you will encounter a new experience - there is no right or wrong experience.

And even if you listen and fall asleep, it's OK, because your subconscious will still benefit from practice.


It's easy to integrate into daily life

Sitting meditation can be frustrating - trying to clear delusions, bring consciousness back to breathing or find inspiration to focus. Yoga rest always follows the instructions, so you won't experience the blindness of being overwhelmed.

The duration of Yoga rest practice can be short or long (ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour), and you can choose the duration according to your physical condition. Some people may find that yoga before going to bed is the easiest way.

Put on your headphones, practice in bed, and then gradually fall asleep. Although this is not the most common way to practice yoga rest, if you have to lie down anyway, there is no excuse not to do so.


Is a simple way to reduce stress

Yoga rest allows you to experience deep rest and relaxation that you can't get in general meditation practice. Just body scanning and conscious breathing can calm the nervous system, reduce stress and improve health.


An opportunity to learn more about yourself

Some people yearn for the deep relaxation brought by this practice, while others use the "undifferentiated heart" and "safe atmosphere" provided by yoga rest as a window into themselves.

Yoga rest provides a space to explore your current needs and gives you the opportunity to release your long-term accumulated emotions. In yoga rest, you can experience complete emotions and have the opportunity to "face-to-face" with what you want to overcome, but you won't get trapped - you won't lose control of your emotions because of this emotional investment.

With continuous practice, you will be able to continue to follow different emotions and physical feelings into deep practice.


Routine Yoga rest steps:

-Lie on your back with your arms to your sides and palms up

-Place a pillow or folded blanket behind your neck for support

-Use another pillow or folded blanket under your knees to increase comfort

-Close your eyes and breathe deeply

-Start from the right side of the body and continuously scan the consciousness of each part of the right side of the body in a fairly fast order


Each finger, palm, back of hand, whole hand, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder joint, shoulder, neck, each part of face (forehead, eyes, nose, etc.), ear, scalp, throat, chest, rib side, shoulder, waist, stomach, lower abdomen, genitalia, hip, whole spine, thigh, top and back of knee, calf, calf, ankle, foot, Heel, heel, toe.

-Perceive the whole body: be aware of the unity of your whole body

-Repeat the above sequence on the left side of the body and end with full body perception

-Repeat the above steps until sufficient relaxation is achieved

-Continue to pay attention to the whole body and the space around it, and feel tranquility and peace

-Be mentally prepared to restore ordinary consciousness

-Gently move your fingers for a moment, take a deep breath, and then open your eyes

Don't doubt Yoga rest, don't think it's a waste of time. Enjoy the feeling of letting go and immerse yourself in the results of practice. Experiencing the benefits of this action is a good time we deserve.






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