Two points you need to know when choosing yoga mat

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"What material of yoga mat is fit for you? "

" I don't have time to go to the gym. What yoga mats do I have to buy at home?"

"I want to go outdoors to exercise, what yoga mat fits?" 

" I just want to do yoga stretching with what mat?"

Originally just want to proper buy yoga pad 

results in the online search out of a variety of yoga mats 

instantly committed a choice of phobia.

The first function of the yoga mat is to act as a buffer to avoid knee injuries to the body's elbows. 

In addition, a good yoga pad, but also to stabilize your body balance, so that you can steadily do a lot of action, play the role of more than half the effort.


Never do yoga in bed! 

Because the mattress is too soft, insufficient support, not only is not conducive to your muscle strength, it is not easy to maintain balance, accidentally will cause a strain or sprain. 

Keep in mind that you stay away from mattresses when you exercise.

ONE-Attention point when buying yoga mat

1, size: Enough for you to lie flat on the whole mat; 

2, service life: such as Manduka to provide life-long warranty services; 

3, thickness: This depends on what you do training; beginners, or do simple training, suggest 6~8mm thickness has some experience in sports star people. 

It is recommended that 4~6mm and professionalism is very strong, stability and balance is very good, optional 1.5~4mm (too thick Jong Isian feet, too thin without stability) 

4, Weight: If you do not have to run around and training, this can be ignored; 

5, anti-slip: After all, when exercising sweaty, fall is not good; 

6, budget.

TWO-Yoga mat Material 

Tips: In order to avoid exercise after the yoga pad to produce a large number of taste,

in the purchase of the choice of antibacterial and anti-flavor materials, such as jute or natural rubber. 

If you are a sweaty party, don't buy a yoga mat with cotton.

common three kinds of materials 

EVA material: The cheapest is also the worst, not soft enough, smell very heavy, cheap not good goods typical, not recommended. 

PVC Foaming: More common materials, moderate softness, the price is generally around 200 yuan, beginners can consider. 

TPE Material: This is the mainstream of yoga field, the big-name Yoga Pad is basically this material, recommended.

The great god material of the small crowd

Natural rubber

Excellent: Grip is very strong, environmental protection can degrade. 

Bad: People with latex allergies are not available to avoid light and heat.


Excellent: Super antibacterial and deodorant ability. 

Inferior: There are fewer yoga mats on the market with jute as the main material.


Material problems, in addition to touch and smell, the most important thing is grip and anti-slip, you do not want to move half of a sudden slip, the result of a upside bar. 

Pay attention to the opposite side of the yoga mat, whether the tattoo is clear, flat, the front of the anti-slip touch. The simplest test method is to tile it to the ground, people stand up left and right move to see if it will slip ~






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