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As a yoga practitioner, let us first understand an inner self. Few of us seem to understand the inner truth of "knowing me".

I often turn black and white and tell myself: how standardized movements are, the precise direction of muscles, the principles of anatomy, these are not the knowledge of yoga, so that the inner me is replaced by these impermanence, we have learned another far away self .

Many coaches and enthusiasts always consult about how to practice yoga asanas with precision. First of all, tell everyone the truth. Before practicing asanas, you must first feel and adjust your consciousness and breathing. This is practicing yoga. An important part of the frontier.

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In asanas, the factors that affect physical coordination are:

Inhibition of nerve response to innervating muscles

Relaxation of muscle response and restriction of contraction

The effect of fatigue on body movements

Dispersion of mental concentration

Loose tension of muscles and joints

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The yin and yang of yoga is a combination of the tuning of the mental consciousness function to the body perception function. This combination is the main body of the coordinated transmission of nerve function, which is likened to the corresponding coordination and harmony of yin and yang.

Classical energy yoga records say: The root of the spiritual consciousness illuminates the finest pulse of the body. This pulse is the "Yoga pulse", which is called the "nervous system" in medicine.

There are 7,200 yoga pulses distributed in the body. Therefore, spiritual consciousness is the sun, and the body of emotional desires is the moon. Through the transmission of yoga pulses, the human body's emotional energy and perceptual response are awakened, and the body and mind are accessible inside and outside, up and down. This is the "sun and moon" yoga of Hatha. .

Therefore, meditation and breathing are the beginning of yoga.





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