Want to do yoga to lose weight? You need to know these six points.

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Many stars are yoga enthusiasts, and they also claim to keep fit by practicing yoga. Yoga has always been relaxing, relieving and releasing pressure, but can it really lose weight? What we want to tell you is that not all yoga can lose weight. Yoga is divided into many genre and asanas. If you want to lose weight through yoga, the choice of yoga schools becomes particularly important. If you spend too much time meditating and relaxing, losing weight is basically a dream. Some strength training exercises that increase your heart rate can help you burn fat. Here are six tips for using yoga to lose weight, you must know.



Like everything in life, persistence is the key! It's impossible to lose meat in one yoga class a week, but it's possible to lose weight three or more times a week. Like any principle of physical motion, it is better to stick to a small amount of regular motion than a large number of occasional movements. For people who want to use yoga to lose weight, it is the kingdom to integrate yoga into their daily life. Yoga is not limited to equipment and venues, so you can do it in the morning, noon and evening, five to seven days a week!


Focus on the posture of strength training

Yoga has so many different postures that you can use acrobatic postures to help your body recover and relax, but if your goal is to lose weight, focus more on strength training postures. Try flat or side flat support. Berns says that soldiers'postures are the best choices for people who want to lose weight, such as soldier's 1st, 2nd and 3rd postures, and triangles (as shown in figure), stretching sideways and half-moon postures.


Avoid injury

Injuries are the biggest obstacle that prevents yoga from helping lose weight. An injured knee slows down your squatting, wastes your efforts, and frustrates you. In yoga exercises or other sports, make sure you pay enough attention to your body and don't be as distracted as the person in the picture. If something feels wrong, stop and don't do it until you get one-to-one guidance from a professional teacher. Find a professional yoga teacher and take a balance class. In addition to focusing on strength, you can also adjust your body's balance and flexibility so as to avoid injury.


Slow down

Fatigue, lack of sleep and lack of relaxation are the enemies of weight loss. If the body feels tired, it can easily lead to overeating, while dieting at this time may cause problems such as inattention. Try restorative yoga classes that help your body relax, recuperate, correct and recover.

Nowadays, recovery yoga classes are offered in many parts of the West. These courses are deeply loved by high-level white-collar workers, infirm and sick people, the elderly, pregnant women, athletes after competitions, and people in fierce competition in their careers. All those who are overtired and need to enjoy a good life in distress will like this yoga way. The basic idea of restoring yoga is to eliminate tension, meditate in the course and sleep, so that you can recover from fatigue.



One of the eight techniques of yoga is called Pranayama breathing control, which is the control of inhalation and exhalation. How does it help to lose weight? Berns teach us a simple exercise: do inhalation and exhalation and count silently in our mind. First take a deep breath and meditate 6 in our heart. Then stop breathing and meditate 3 times. Then exhale and meditate 6 times. Finally stop and count 3 times. The next time the food is put in front of you, repeat this deep breathing process 6 to 10 times, which is very effective in suppressing appetite.


Eat like a yogi

Yoga practitioners'eating is also part of their practice. They apply the same level of consciousness and concentration training as body yoga to their personal diet. "When you eat, you need to eliminate outside interference, from sitting down, taking small portions of food, one bite at a time to concentrate on eating, pay attention to this series of basic table etiquette. Many people find that their tendency and mood to overeat can be suppressed by being aware of this. Whether it's weight loss or people who are underweight who want to gain a healthier weight, this conclusion is almost universal.






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