Want to tighten the skin to delay aging, these 5 yoga moves should be practiced regularly

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We share a few five yoga poses that alleviate the symptoms of aging, and rely on it for the years!

Standing flexion extension


Stand in the mountain, legs straight and straight, fold the upper body forward from the hips, hold your hands on the back of the calf, lift your hips, feel the stretch of the back, and keep at least five breaths.



Lying flat, legs up, stretched over the head, put your toes on the ground, stretch the back muscles of the thighs, tighten your knees, put your hands together in the center of your back, plow is a very good decompression type, can Let the blood flow back to the brain and promote relaxation.

Double angle


Standing, your feet are greatly separated, hands on your hips, inhale to open the chest, exhale the upper body to bend forward, first let the palms touch the ground, then bend the elbow joints to the ground, and finally make the head touch the ground and keep your knees straight. Keep breathing for 3 to 5 times and bring your breath back to your body.

Bridge type


Lying flat on the mat, with your feet on the ground, make the calves perpendicular to the ground, while arching up the hips, making the thighs parallel to the ground, gently lifting your hips and back, stretching your shoulders, breathing long and deep, keeping Thirty seconds.

Baby style


Put your feet together on the mat, inhale, exhale, stretch your hands forward, lean your upper body down the floor, keep your posture breathing normally, exhale while your hands continue to stretch forward, keep your hips away from your ankles, keep 5 to 10 Breathing.

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