What are the benefits of long-term practicing yoga?

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    In fact, life is breathing, and life is between breath. Chen Kun said. Chen Kun, who insists on practicing yoga, regards good body as the top priority. In his mind, in addition to perfecting the body, he can cultivate a beautiful mind. Only yoga can achieve this effect. Outside the field to catch up with the propaganda, Chen Kun, who is at home, has to meditate for about an hour every morning, and he can persist even when filming in other places.


    Life is like yoga. All the good results are accumulated. Every hard work is a step for your transformation. Life is like a choice at the intersection. When we choose, we will give up some. When we give up, we often want to get better.


    The process of yoga is like a long life, with all the sweet and bitterness in it, and persistence in order to see who you really are. How can you understand the true meaning of life without experiencing the tastes of life?


    Time is like a net, where you spread your harvest. You often go to yoga studios, you will gain healthy and happy beauty. Love is like practicing a wheel. I have seen it, but I have never pushed it. The mood is like practicing flow yoga. When you are in a bad state, you are rare in one go.


    The future is just like practicing yoga, very confused. It may be hard at first, but every time you insist on it slightly, you will see a bright future. So after a long time of yoga, I have understood the whole life.


    Yoga, in short, is a series of self-weight movements and exercise processes. According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 908 asanas in yoga. These asanas target different parts of our body and help us improve strength and flexibility. Asanas are roughly divided into sitting posture, forward flexion, backward leaning, side bending, twisting, balance, and handstand. Each asana has a small white version and an advanced version to suit different groups of people.








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