What if I have a lumbar burst? Yoga style, teach you to thoroughly "goodbye" lumbar spondylosis!

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What are the hazards of the lumbar process?


1. Difficulties in action

In many cases, getting a lumbar disc herniation can cause severe pain in the waist. For patients, because of this pain, they are greatly restricted during daily walking. They often take two steps because of pain and have to rest. For a moment, it caused great trouble to life.

2. lower limb numbness

One thing that has the lumbar disc herniation is that both legs will be numb inadvertently during walking or rest. In severe cases, even the lower limbs will have the numbness, which will cause us to suffer this distress every day. numbness.

3. paraplegia

The most serious manifestation of suffering from lumbar protrusion is sputum. Although many people suffer from lumbar protrusion, they think that it is causing low back pain and numbness of lower limbs. However, the risk of inducing high paraplegia is also very high. According to the investigation, the high paraplegia is high. Patients accounted for about 13% of the total number of lumbar spondylosis, but the proportion of high paraplegia was quite high.

Yoga treatment


1. Strengthen the lumbar muscle strength, increase the strength of the lumbar anterior ligament, posterior ligament and lateral ligament, and avoid the compression of the intervertebral disc to break through the normal ligament and muscle protection of the human body.

2, but also pay special attention to abdominal muscle exercises, this is not only because the abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles antagonize the muscles, the synergy between the two sides can strengthen the stability of the entire lumbar spine, and at the same time, strengthen the abdominal muscles to maintain a stable abdominal pressure, It also ensures the stability of the lumbar spine and the strength of the lower back muscles.

3, in the acute phase of the disease, patients with lumbar disc herniation should be placed face down on the hard bed, crocodile rest, relieve pain, promote healing and recovery.

4, should properly choose the body to bend backwards. It can strengthen the back ligaments and muscles, keep the intervertebral disc in place, restore the stability of the spine, and promote blood flow in the lumbar region.


The following actions help prevent and treat disc herniation


Prone, straighten your legs, your toes back, your hands flat on the front. Inhale, press the ground with both hands, lift your torso and stop for two breaths. The elbows are straight, the chest is facing straight ahead, and the shoulder blades are pulled toward the ceiling for 20 seconds, breathing normally. Exhale, relax back on the yoga mat and repeat 2-3 times.



The body is in a prone position, the elbows are bent and supported on the mat, the shoulders and elbow joints are perpendicular to the ground, the legs are relaxed on the mat, and the back bend of the spine is felt to maintain five smooth breaths.


Cat stretch

With both hands and five fingers open to support the ground, the distance between the knees is on the surface of the pad, the instep is attached to the ground, and the legs are perpendicular to the air. Inhale, hips pointing to the sky. Waist, hands sink, then lift the end, eyes look at the sky, exhale, arched back, eyes look at the navel, and hold the middle of the abdomen.


Baby style

The knees are bent and kneeling, and the hips are relaxed on the heel and the upper body is folded from the hip. Place your chest on your knees, extend your arms in front of you, and gently place your forehead on the mat to relax. Focus on your body and keep it for 1-5 minutes.


The lumbar process is actually not a terrible thing, but the fear is to go to extremes. One person thinks that I have a lumbar spine, so I have to protect it, so I dare not move it when I am scared. Another kind of person, I have a waist, I have to exercise hard, solve this health hazard, and then ignore my own. The physical condition is violent. These two must not be. The right approach should be: planned, step-by-step exercises; and stick to it.







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