What it's like to practice yoga for a long time

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When I first started yoga class, I always ran to the last yoga mat in the last row. Now I want the front row to be as close to the teacher as possible.


When I first started yoga class, I always liked to see what the classmates were doing next to me. I was surprised how they were so powerful. Now I just focus on my practice and meet envious eyes, just smile and tell them that I used to be like them.


I just started to take a yoga class. I took a selfie before the class and a selfie after the class. I also wanted a teacher to help me with a difficult pose. Its not uncommon for me to wear yoga clothes to attend classes and leave after school.


At the beginning of the yoga class, the yoga clothes from beginning to end cannot be less armed, the asanas cannot be done, and the shapes are beautiful. Its okay to wear it right now, it doesnt matter if you are famous or not, the state of practicing yoga is the key.


When I first started a yoga class, I was always struggling with how stiff my body was and how I couldnt use it here. Now the body is as flexible as grease, and as powerful as chicken blood.


At the beginning of my yoga class, I was running down the vest line, butterfly bones, waist pockets, and thin arms and thighs. Now I have everything, but I don't care anymore. It is the most important thing to practice every day.


Yoga is like this. If you dont stick with it for 3-5 years, you dont t know how powerful yoga is. The beauty of yoga belongs only to those who persist.





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