What kind of attitude do we have about practicing yoga?

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  Yoga is not acrobatics

In the process of practicing yoga, we can just extend in each yoga pose and breathe in each pose. Yoga is not a competition, don't compare, everyone's body is different, excessive demands will hurt themselves instead.


Yoga is not a hobby

Can't heat up for three minutes, can't wait until you have time and money to do it, now, from here, please start yoga, the beginning is a lifetime. Yoga has such charm.


Yoga is not a diet pill

We can't lose weight for a week, don't lose weight without a healthy diet, and you can't lose weight without a combination of mental washing. It's natural to practice yoga thinning, from the inside to the outside.


Yoga is not a follow

There are many details in yoga worth delving into. It is important to find a professional yoga teacher. Don't mess around on your own. It is better for the teacher to give you a point than to practice hard for many years.


Yoga is more than just a pose

There is a deep philosophy behind the back, with the wisdom of the ancients, the reading classics, the meditation is only a body, and can not bring you more.


Yoga can't hold on to the result

Instead, feel every moment in the pose, find the connection between the body and the mind at this moment, don't be depressed because you can't do a pose, don't be depressed because you don't focus on meditation today, you will come, don't worry, you won't be impatient.


Yoga is not about running away from life

Yoga is to give you a chance to breathe, to give you a moment of reflection, to integrate yoga into life and enjoy the present life. Learn to accept what cannot be changed, learn to have the courage to change what can be changed.

       Yoga is to make your life better. 






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