What's more important than choosing what you like

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What's more important than choosing what you like

On the path of yoga

You don't need to pursue the ultimate asana immediately

Aim for perfection

You don't need to be thoughtful in your actions

It's like Pandora's box

Each answer contains more questions

The process is always more important than the end

Of course, purpose is essential

But the real purpose lies in the continuous improvement of people themselves

And the perfection of asanas

Only in the process of practice


There are no innate abilities

No unique advantages

No miracle

There is no luck

Only you have the courage to persevere

Every persistence is the accumulation of success

May you discipline yourself like sunrise or sunset

Forge yourself to reap the stars and oceans

Yoga helps us connect the dots in our lives

It helps us open up broader ideas

Forces us to empty ourselves

Put down the attitude

See things higher and less


Immerse yourself in the peaceful world of yoga

What we experience is the peace of mind and body and the absence of worldly strife

When one can be so pure, so awakened

So focused on the present, walking through the world without a doubt

Life is a joy

The more you practice yoga, the more you read the body

Slowly, the practicing you will separate from the observing you

What you observe will detach you

Practice is not seeing. Practice is practice

Observation is the detachment from the practice of looking at the practitioner, the spectator

But in the end you have to become a qualified practitioner

Once you know it, be an observer







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