What should you pay attention to practicing yoga in spring?

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1. don't practice the difficulty style beyond your limit


In spring, the body has just woken up from winter, the body is still stiff, do not challenge their own limits, from a simple start, feel their own body, practice for a period of time, and then slowly practice the more difficult sequence.


2. Don't sweat too much to prevent the release of the body's yang


In spring, the yang rises, everything recovers, and the yang in the human body begins to flourish. If too much sweat occurs, it will damage the vitality. Therefore, spring yoga, to grasp a degree, slightly sweating is good.


3. Stretch balance

In winter, the body seems to be curled up, so spring is more suitable for stretching to wake up the body.


4. don't practice in the windy place, the practice place should be hot and cold suitable


Spring windy, wind evil is the main factor of exogenous disease in spring. Yoga in windy places is not good for health, not only does not play the role of physical exercise, but also easy to cause colds.








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