What you will find after practicing yoga for one year?

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If there is a shortcut to dream, then the name of this road must be persistence.

1、Practicing Yoga for a long time, you will feel better 

Because the endorphin of brain endocrine can make us feel happy.


2、Practicing Yoga for a long time, your sleep quality will be higher.

According to a new study by the National Sleep Foundation, 67% of people who have yoga habits have better sleep quality at night than those who don't have yoga habits!


3、Practicing Yoga for a long time, your memory will be improved.

Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can increase the amount of hormones in the blood about memory!


4、Practicing Yoga for a long time,you will be more creative.

Studies have confirmed that people aged 57-75, who exercise regularly for one hour three times a week,the brain blood of people who exercise regularly has significantly increased oxygen content, and perform better in cognitive and creative tests!


5、Practicing Yoga for a long time, which can reduce the risk of cancer.

At present, the exact mechanism by which exercise reduces the risk of cancer is not clear, but the National Cancer Institute statistics point out that people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of cancer!


6、Practicing Yoga for a long time, you will not feel tired easily.

This is mainly because exercise improves metabolism, enhances physical fitness, and increases dopamine secretion in the brain.


7、Practicing Yoga for a long time, you won’t catch a cold easily.

The latest study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine pointed out that people who exercise more than five times a week are 46% less likely to catch a cold than people who exercise once or not.


8、Practicing Yoga for a long time,your will be more productive.

A survey of 19,803 office workers in recent years shows that office workers with exercise habits perform 50% better on average in terms of creativity, presentation ability, and productivity than their colleagues who do not exercise.


9、Practicing Yoga for a long time, you will become more confident.

Because yoga can not only make you thin and beautiful, but also make you discover your potential to control yourself, which will definitely benefit you a lot!

From now on, getting up early to practice yoga, the body can be old, the soul cannot grow old!







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