When you want to give up yoga, you should know...

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When you want to give up yoga, you should know...

A lot of people practice for a period of time after

feeling that they are not thin or even fat

feel the body or hot hard hands can not touch the toes

so decided to give up...

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Meeting yoga is a blessing to give up yoga is silly

before you give up I think you should know

Yoga is not a linear process of ascension

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You don't have to like every class or every teacher.


Classes for yoga teachers from different classes will be very different. Streaming yoga is different from Ayyang ei yoga, as well as yin yoga and repair yoga. If you've tried some yoga classes but don't like them, you can also try other yoga classes.


The same is true of yoga teachers. You may not like the teacher in the first class (even if your friends like it), it doesn't matter. You can continue to look for your favorite teacher.

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Yoga can be painful.


Yoga ends up making you comfortable, but you may feel uncomfortable or even sore at first. Muscles that had not previously started are beginning to be used. But as your body gets used to practicing, those will slowly disappear and your body will become more comfortable.

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It's confusing.


You may say to the teacher in class in the mist of Sanskrit style. You may not be able to keep up with the teacher's rhythm, but no problem. 'That doesn't mean you have a problem, ' says a well-known yoga teacher. This is a process of learning, the process will certainly be confusing, after this difficult you will learn more.

Practicing yoga is also a process from laziness to hard work, which will allow you to abandon more and more bad habits and develop a better yoga lifestyle.

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Practice yoga

Don't just stop

being lonely to keep the boom







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