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Wholesale Spiky Massage Ball for Deep Tissue & Plantar Fasciitis

Relieve pain and discomfort from muscle soreness and irritation, muscle knots & tension - for myofascial release, plantar fasciitis, muscle therapy.
The massage balls are hard but they are useful for your muscle pain. Acupressure porcupine sensory balls with superior materials
Massage yourself anywhere: Experience the ultimate personal massage session while lying conveniently on a yoga mat, in the bed, on the floor, or sitting comfortably on any chair. Use them at the gym, at home, or at the office. The Stress Lacrosse Ball Roller is large enough to get to each knot - without the hassles.
Roll away tension in your shoulders, foot, neck, arms, legs, hips, buttocks and thighs. Being firm, the lacrosse ball assists greatly in relieving the deepest muscle pain in the shortest amount of time. The solid rubber construction can be used on any surface without slips
  • SF-CWQ01

  • SanFan

  • Fujian, China (Mainland)

  • Yoga & Pilate&Exercise

  • Diameter 7cm

Wholesale Spiky Massage Ball for Deep Tissue & Plantar Fasciitis 

Healthy Model Life Spiky Massage Ball is a great way to release tight muscles from around your butt, hamstrings, quads, feet, neck and back.  Highly recommended in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. A great pre exercise warm up before working your butt, legs and abs.In addition to helping relieve sores, our massage balls improve blood circulation, and help release any tiredness you might have after work. These balls are also great for plantar fasciitis and muscle soreness. spiky massage ballspiky massage ballAs the name suggests, the massage ball features an effective spiky outer layer that gives you an extra deep penetration in your skin. This stimulates and rolls away deep tight muscle knots. The final result is entire body rejuvenation & revitalization and increased blood flow. The best thing about the therapy massage ball is that you only need to use your own bodyweight to enjoy all its stimulating effects.The spiky Massage ball is designed to help you with plantar fasciitis, pre and post exercise trigger pointing and muscle soreness. Its stimulating effect will help you deal with symptoms of these nasty conditions. This spiky massage ball features a superior and lasting quality design, which means that it is durable. Unlike other massage balls that last for a few months, our product can be used for several years and still provide excellent results. It is made of a firm solid rubber and carries a design that withstands your body weight. The high dense rubber offers you consistent deep muscle stimulation for a good number of years.spiky massage ballspiky massage ballspiky massage ballspiky massage ballThe Spiky massage balls stimulate acupressure points in your hands, feet and body, increase the blood circulation, massage muscles, helping to relieve soreness and pain Excellent tool for plantar fasciitis Made from phthalates free PVC.spiky massage ballspiky massage ballspiky massage ballspiky massage ballspiky massage ball


Every day, we feel pain, stress, and soreness before and during exercise.

The best tool for effective massage and muscle soreness relief.

Ultra firmness and trigger point massage effect on Plantar Fasciitis, wrist, feet, Calves, shoulders, hamstrings, abdomen, buttocks, upper and lower back, deltoids & neck .Increase circulation and decrease soreness with a relieving deep tissue massage.

Easy to use and portable, so you can rest your overworked muscles during work breaks!

spiky massage ball

spiky massage ball

spiky massage ball

spiky massage ball

spiky massage ball

spiky massage ball

spiky massage ball







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