Why These Places often Get Hurt When Yoga Practicing?

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If you practice yoga incorrectly, it is easy to get injured, especially in these three areas: shoulders, back of thighs and lower back.


The responsibility of a yoga teacher is to ensure students’ safety and the course meets the needs of students with different levels, but as a student, you are also responsible for yourself.


We all know that yoga brings us peace, relaxation, and relieves physical and mental stress, but improper practice can also cause injury. When practicing, you need to follow your body needs, and don't do postures beyond your ability.


Especially the shoulders, wrists, back of thighs, lower back, knees and sacroiliac joints are easily injured.

1. Shoulder 




If your shoulders are rotated forward, you can’t straighten them when you lift your hands above your head. Your chest muscles are tight and your upper back strength is weak. Doing a lot of four-post support and arm balancing exercises will stimulate the tendons in the shoulders.



In order to strengthen the upper back muscles, especially the rhomboid muscles. Lie down with your arms at your sides. Lift up your upper body and arms, straighten your arms, and your feet keep the same direction with your shoulders.


Open the pectoral muscles:

Lie on a rolled yoga mat, perpendicular to the spine, on the lower ribs, with your arms at your sides. Raise your arm over the top of your head.


2. Back of thighs



If you force yourself to do forward bends too much, you will hurt the back of your thighs, and you will also get hurt when you do the splits if not ready. Yoga teachers often tell students to let the leg muscles hug the bones of the legs, which means to activate the quadriceps muscles to avoid injury to the back of the thigh.



If you strain the back muscles of your thighs, don't do forward bend poses anymore. You need to bend your knees if you do. To rest the back of the thigh, it is recommended to apply ice several times a day to relieve it.


3. Lower back 



Any deep twisting or straight forward bending of the leg will put too much pressure on the sacroiliac joints and even strain the fibrous ring. Asymmetrical poses, such as twisted triangle poses, may cause lower back pain.



Before doing forward bend poses:

Firstly stretch the spine, stretch the side waist, increase the space between each spine, or bend the knees to do it, and gently stretch the lower back.


In the twisting pose:

Activate the core power to do the twist and relax the pelvis. Don't exceed your limits, stop if you feel pain.







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