Why practice yoga make us happy and relaxed?

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        Have you ever found that most Yoga people are happy? Why is that?

Yoga is a good recipe to make people more satisfied

Satisfaction, Santosha in Sanskrit, is one of the practices of Niyama, the second branch of the eight-branch system of yoga. For yoga practitioners, this satisfaction is achieved through constant denial and self-suggestion by observing the contents of their brains. Through observation, we can see that even a very small voice in the undercurrent of thinking is saying "not enough". If you find such an idea, you can challenge her. Do you really need more? In fact, in many cases, we already have enough in the level of material survival and spiritual enrichment. The pursuit of unsatisfactory can not bring more satisfaction, but can only bring further unsatisfactory, and this process has planted the seeds of suffering.


Yoga is a vaccine, treatment is not happy

A study by physiologists has shown that practicing yoga often secretes endorphins called "happy hormones" or "young hormones", which makes people feel good. Such people have a higher happiness index than the average person!


Yoga makes people more and more beautiful

Yoga is a beautiful sport. For a long time, the skin is firm and the skin is ruddy. Compared with going to a beauty hospital, it is safer and healthier than a hundred times. If you become beautiful, you can cure all the unhappiness.


Yoga makes life more harmonious

Yoga not only cures the body, but also actively strengthens contact with the outside world. Yoga makes people feel cheerful and their minds widen. How can you live in harmony with people, atmosphere, harmony, and harmony?


Yoga people pay attention to healthy life

It is a great blessing to eat and sleep. Once the Yoga people start to practice yoga, they will pay attention to their diet. When the peers are troubled by insomnia, yoga will help you to get better sleep, and the whole person's state is unusual.


Yoga people is more temperament

Twenty or thirty years old practicing yoga is for youth, forty and fifty years old, practicing yoga is for the charm, and that sixty and seventy years old practicing yoga is for elegance, which is brought to us by yoga. Yoga people are noble and temperament in their hands and feet. They are happy from the heart.

So, what other reasons are there for people who are not happy? We are satisfied, we are introspective, we are full, we feel every day, yoga is simple, happy and simple. Because of yoga, it is simpler and more contented!






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