Why practice yoga to meditate? How does meditation work?

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       When new students come to yoga classes , there is no awareness of the body .So , yoga teachers have the responsibility to help them feel the inner body and how to maintain their as anas .

At the same time, many new students are less aware of breathing, so yoga teachers let students take their attention to breathing, breathe deeply, and teach students to use breathing to guide their movements. The body of yoga, awareness and breathing.


      So, what about the student's heart? Many teachers help students focus on body and breathing, but less teach students to control their thoughts. According to traditional yoga, controlling the fluctuation of consciousness is the main task, and asana and breathing exercises are auxiliary. If you look at your thoughts, you will find a lot of distractions. It's much harder than controlling your body and breathing. So, we always feel tired.


      There are too many things happen in life , life , illness and death , career , work , family , all things happen at the same time .There are a lot of changes and the mood follows the ups and downs .

      No one meditate for meditation !Meditation lets us see our lives and circumstances , then see ourselves , remove those illusion visions and rid of those so - called emotions .So , sitting and closing your eyes and doing nothing can solve a lot of problems ?Yes , that can be said .



      If you' ve been thinking about something and getting horns , it's like water mixed with impurities in the cup .If meditating , get quiet , the impurities sink to the bottom of the cup and become clear .






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