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Why the Joints Ringing when Practicing Yoga?

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Everyone has experience in yoga classes. When you turn your ankles, you hear a banging sound in the ankle joints. When doing a lot of yoga movements, the joints make noises. Some people Very curious, some people are scared. Many people have this doubt. Today, we will tell you why this happen.

Generally speaking, there are 2 situations.

First is joint noise, according to the literature of the Library of Congress, there are three main reasons for the joint noise:

1. Gas escape   

Scientists believe that there is a fluid called synovial fluid between the joints of our human body, which is used to lubricate the joints. This synovial fluid contains some gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. These gases form bubbles in synovial fluid. When we stretch our joints, the gas in the synovial fluid rushes away, causing croaking, because the bubbles burst.

2. Joint displacement  

When we move the joints, the tendons and ligaments shift. When the tendon and ligament return to their original position, you will sometimes hear a croaking sound. This situation is more common in knee joints and ankles.

3. Arthritis 

Arthritis destroys the cartilage tissue between the joints, causing the joint contact surface to no longer be smooth. In this case, joint friction will produce noise. 

Generally speaking, there are only bounces, no redness, no swelling, and no pain. People who do not have mobility impairments are physiological bounces and do not need special treatment, nor need to be overly worried about it. When joints move, there will always be friction between the articular surfaces, between the cartilage pad and the articular surface, between the tendons and the joint capsule, and so on, causing sound. When accompanied by pain or limited joint movement, you need to go to the hospital to determine whether the joint is misaligned or the joint is damaged.

Second is the soft tissues or ligaments at the joints rub against each other to make a sound  


Strictly speaking, our muscles are divided into many layers. When we are moving, the layers slide against each other. When we have muscle strain, there will be some inflammation in the local area. The inflammation will make the sliding between the muscles not so smooth, so when we are moving There will be a noise.

After the sound occurs, it will relax the original strain. Sometimes we feel particularly comfortable after the sound. But the good times will not last long. After a good time, the symptoms will return. The main cause is soft tissue strain.

In your daily life, you should develop the habit of moderate exercise, move each joint, and don't make the joints rusty, muscle stiffness, to avoid joint snapping. Especially when you practice yoga, you must fully warm up, let your body temperature rise and your joints are flexible, and then do yoga.






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