Why use a yoga wheel and how to choose?

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The yoga wheel is a new trend of modern yoga aids. Its round design breaks through the clear tradition of yoga bricks, and is full of modern beauty and fashion. For yoga beginners, the yoga wheel is equivalent to an assistant and can give you Great help. Pulling ligaments, practicing flexibility, flexible spine, etc. Yoga wheels can come in handy.


First:why use a yoga wheel

For many office workers, running around life and work, they do not have time to complete fitness tasks regularly and quantitatively, and prolonged sitting has led to many chronic diseases. Of course, the body is in a sub-health state, and the best way is to choose a simple and efficient exercise method. 

The round design of the yoga wheel can fully fit the human body, help sculpture body shape, improve temperament, massage the spine, and relieve stress. Use yoga theory for fitness training, more free and unlimited. The practice method of the yoga wheel is simple and efficient, which can effectively relieve the soreness on the body and help improve the condition of breast-backed hump.


Second:the usefulness of yoga wheels

1. Massage the spine to speed up blood circulation and open up the occluded meridians.

2. Exercise the core to help build a sense of balance.

3. Perform some yoga-assisted asana exercises instead of yoga bricks.

4. Assisted handstand.


Third, choose a strong yoga wheel

When choosing a yoga wheel, the weight of the yoga wheel is a very important indicator, because when using a yoga wheel, the weight of the entire person is often placed on the yoga wheel, so the yoga wheel must be high load-bearing. 

This yoga ring is made of high quality environmental protection material, high strength, high elasticity, durable and longer lasting. The high-hardness inner tube has strong compression resistance and is not easily deformed, providing the safest and most comfortable use experience.


Fourth: choose a soft-touch yoga wheel

The yoga wheel is a yoga aid for personal use. If the surface is too hard, it will hurt people due to stress during use. The so-called relaxation of the body and the relief of stress have become empty talk. When choosing a yoga wheel, be sure to touch the yoga wheel to see if the outer layer is soft and elastic.


Fifth: choose a good non-slip yoga wheel 

When we use the yoga wheel for yoga asana support, the yoga wheel is a support for us. As a support, it cannot naturally slip, so its non-slip property is also important. Choosing a good non-slip yoga wheel can better help us complete yoga asanas and avoid injuries.

For middle-to-advanced yoga people, using the yoga wheel can also assist in many difficult movements and improve yoga. What else do you want to say about the yoga wheel?






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