Yoga Fitness Safety Tips

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Yoga Fitness Safety Tips

Yoga is a kind of initiates, divided into KOSHAS). The first layer is the body layer, the second layer is the emotional layer, the third layer is the energy layer the fourth layer is the wisdom layer, and the fifth layer is the joy layer. If you stay on the body layer and do exercises, you will have less joy and a breakthrough. Yoga should be willing to share, but also to study attentively. Practice yoga can begin at any time, let oneself start early, as long as can continue to adhere to all year round, the body can almost stay in the best condition, so that you always enjoy the beauty of youth is not old.

Here are nine safety guides you should pay more attention to:

  1. Consult your doctor: videos, reminders in the manual are not a substitute for the advice of a professional doctor. When you are sick and injured, have just had surgery and a pregnant woman, be sure to consult a doctor before practicing yoga, even if you can practice it: not everyone is fit to practice all postures.

  2. Feel the body's response: In practice, do what you can, but not reluctantly, not excessive. This is the most important principle in posture practice.

  3. Do not use brute force: do not force your body to reach a certain position, and must not let others force pressure on your body.

  4. Do not compare: In order to show, show off or compare and practice yoga posture, it is easy to make people over-stretch and twist, and increase the chance of injury.

  5. Be responsible for yourself: you are responsible for your health, so never do any posture that you feel uncomfortable with, and gently stretch to your limits.

  6. Need to restore posture immediately: if you feel pain or sharp tingling, feel physically weak, or your body trembles while practicing your posture, be sure to stop the position immediately and rest, and if you have a tingling sensation in your hands and feet, you must immediately retract your posture and consult your doctor.

  7. Female physiology: In order to adapt to blood flow, to avoid those that make the pelvic position higher than the heart, will squeeze or strongly stretch to the abdomen and so on make you feel uncomfortable posture.

  8. Eighth, heart and blood circulation problems patients: please follow the doctor's instructions. Do not pose any position on the lower foot (head below the heart); don't do any intense posture that will make your heart beat faster; don't hold your breath.

  9. After doing yoga posture, yoga breathing exercises, or any other workout, if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or have other unnatural symptoms, be sure to see a doctor to find out why, and consult your doctor about whether you are fit for the above exercises and how you should practice them.






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