Yoga beginner, how to practice baby yoga course

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It can not only relax the fatigue of the day, but also help to improve the quality of sleep and improve the health of the body joint.

Baby-type introduction

On both knees, remember the first time I started to practice yoga, the first time I heard the teacher say:Kneel your knees on the floor/on the mat password, at that time. Individuals prefer to knee-standing passwords as:“Knees the ground” is warmer.

Baby-type practice method

The knees are the same width as the hip, the big toes of both feet are gently touched, the two palms are tightly compacted with the mat, to feel the palm push down hard, and the palms are placed directly below the shoulder perpendicular to the shoulder.

1. Exhale and kneel on your heels.

2. Inhale, fold the body forward, the abdomen is pressed against the thigh, the arms can naturally stretch forward or naturally on both sides of the body, and the forehead can touch the ground.

3. Exhale and feel the section of the spine extending in the direction of the head and the tail to the ground. One more breath, the conscious sink shoulders, let the shoulders go far away from our ears. (Keep 5-8 deep and slow breathing, don't hold your breath. )

Do not collapse, buttocks can not sit on the heel, do not force, with the help of yoga aids.


Infant auxiliary practice 

1. In the infant formula, a lot of people can't sit on the ankle, and this time can put a yoga brick on our forehead, and touch the yoga brick on the forehead.

2. In baby style, many people feel pain in the back of their feet or ankles, and their feet are stressed too much. At this time, they can put yoga blankets on their ankles to relieve tension in their feet.


The effect of baby practice

Baby style can effectively stretch the hip and our whole back, with abdominal breathing can effectively stretch and relax the muscles on both sides of the front and back of our waist, soothing our nervous mood.

Baby style is also corresponding to the undersea wheel pose, when the thighs limit the flow of blood, more and more blood will enter our abdomen, nourish our internal organs, bring energy to our bodies.







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