Yoga for 10 years may not be understood, the true meaning of yoga

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We talked about the purpose of yoga, and learned to be grateful for what we have now;

Also talked about the essence of yoga, is breathing;

I also understand the essence of yoga and understand that "self" is free;

It is clear that the fundamentals of yoga are persistence.

So what is the meaning of yoga?

Exploring from the physical level


Many yoga practitioners have experienced heavy, hard, painful and even paralyzed parts of the body.

Some people will interpret this situation as "strain damage", shoulder and neck strain, waist strain, muscle strain...

In fact, it is not so much over-straining. It should be said that this muscle, joint, and bone bear the burden of overload because of the laziness of other parts or the body's misalignment.

For example, when doing mountain style, we need to step on the soles of the feet, take the humerus inward, tighten the core, let the spine stretch naturally, and relax the shoulders naturally...

Simple to the most basic standing style in yoga, all parts of the body need to perform their duties.

On the other hand, our usual standing position, because the soles of the feet are not stepped on, causing the knee joint to bear extra pressure, causing the pelvis not to be in the right position, causing the scoliosis...

Just like the relay race is a reason, one of them is lazy and slow to run, then the last few sticks must be overloaded to run.

Go deeper from the level of consciousness


The human body is a magical existence that changes and evolves due to the current environment and consciousness.

Just as most women have a "round shoulder" phenomenon, why is this phenomenon common among women?

That's because when we were ashamed of chest development when we were young, we deliberately "hidden" the chest.

Over time, we will give the body a "this is right" wrong signal, then the arrangement of organs in the body will naturally follow this signal to change.

Therefore, we have always stressed that we want to change our posture and change our mindset first.

If you want to practice the style, you must first understand the thinking in your brain. If the idea is wrong, it must be wrong to practice it.

Anatomy from the spiritual level


Although people can't look at each other, basically we can see the normal life of this person from the physical condition of a person.

Yoga is even more so: the form of imperfection comes from the incorrect consciousness, and the consciousness contains subjective consciousness and objective consciousness.

Therefore, whether a person's posture is right or not depends on whether his consciousness is correct. Whether a person's consciousness is correct depends on whether his mind is pure.

For example, if a person likes to press the shoulder and top chest when practicing, it means that this person is eager to achieve a certain purpose, especially hope that others will not be affirmed.

If you want to change the bad habit of pressing your shoulders, don't tell yourself not to do this, but learn to be humbled yourself, you will know that you can't do it, don't force it.

What we all need to understand is that yoga practice is a form of practice and a state of cultivation.

The meaning of yoga - connection


In fact, after all, the meaning of yoga is the connection.

The original meaning of the word "yoga" in Sanskrit is that unity, connection, and combination are the sublimation of mind and body, the connection of mind, and the combination of body and mind, rather than stretching and exercising.

Not only is practice, but "connection" is also everywhere in life. It is constant, it is reality, it is actually happening.

Breathing and body connection, connection between yoga teacher and student, connection between reputation and wealth, connection between parents and children in the family and husband and wife...

These forests are always accompanying and influencing our lives.

Everything in the world is full of profits. We always want a balanced form, a balanced interpersonal relationship, and a balanced life.

But there is no connection, what is the balance? It’s just that there is no parallel in the intersection.






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