Yoga mantra for yoga beginner

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Yoga mantra for yoga beginner

When we are learning yoga, it is very important to have a good instructor to guide and correct the asanas, because the requirements of each movement in the yoga practice are different, and the method of completing the practice is also different.

So if most of your yoga is self-study, see video pictures and text to learn, then be sure to keep in mind these five words often mentioned by the teacher in yoga class, but easy to be ignored in practice, resulting in students do not do well, practice results in a significant decline in the formula

Formula 1: spine extension


When doing any postures, pay careful attention to whether you step on the waist arch back

In yoga practice, it is important to maintain the neutral position of the spine extension and to practice other movements in this condition.Not only are you not getting the exercise, you're doing the opposite.Wrong big practice, not right small practice

Formula two: center of gravity balance


It is important to maintain a stable body foundation during the practice of yoga asanas.The center of gravity is different

In asana practice, it is important to maintain a stable foundation.If the foundation is not stable in practice, it is likely to cause damage to the body.

Formula three: tighten the core


In yoga practice, most asanas need to tighten the core.The core is not just the abdomen. In the human body, everything below the diaphragm and above the pelvic floor is the core of our body

Therefore, it is not only necessary to tighten the abdomen, but also pay more attention to the activation of other core areas outside the abdomen, so as to give full play to the effects of asanas

Formula 4: breathe smoothly


Beginners often forget to breathe or even hold their breath because of physical tension, lack of strength and other reasons

So always remind yourself to breathe, especially when doing your own challenging asanas.More importantly, keep breathing smoothly. Breathing smoothly is the foundation of all postures

Formula 5: relax your shoulders and neck


Whether stretching, twisting, balancing or bending forward, more than nine out of ten beginners shrug their shoulders.Causing tension in the muscles around the neck and shoulders.

It was supposed to be a shoulder and neck relaxation course, but the shoulder and neck pain became worse.Relax your shoulders and neck is not just talk. Practice by saying "relax your shoulders and neck" in your mind and putting yourself into it

If the key points of the two cross again, it is six words: foundation, balance and focus, yoga is a step by step process, when we practice yoga, as long as we master some key elements, it will become very easy and efficient ~






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