Yoga people in the eyes of others VS Real-life yogi

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Yoga people in the eyes of others VS Real-life yogi

In the eyes of others, 

yoga is full of soft girls

In reality,

a woman who can carry a bucket of water with her bare hands.


1-2 hours of yoga every day

sweat is really not white.

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In the eyes of others

the yogi is the fairy sister who doesn't eat human fireworks.


In reality

the kitchen is a paradise for many yoga people.


Can stir up a variety of food

and love dessert snacks

just a little more moderation and health

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In the eyes of others

yoga is the woman


In reality, many yoga teachers are men.


Yoga is always suitable for both men and women

In yoga classes

more and more male practitioners.

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In the eyes of others

the yogi is a peaceful face


In reality

a yogi also has seven passions.


It's just that we pay more attention to the inside

we choose happiness

choose childlike innocence.

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In fact, yoga people are no different from ordinary people

just more love life.


The only way to get positive energy is to be itself.





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